Dynamical Systems in Maxima

Resources available to analyze dynamical systems using the Maxima Computer algebra System.

Numerical analysis and solution of ordinary differential equations
Including plotdf, a graphical interface to create direction fields (slope fields) and phase portraits, and rk, an implementation of the 4th order Runge-Kutta algorithm.
A collection of programs to do graphical analysis of discrete dynamical systems and fractals.


The use of these tools is explained in detail in the free book:

Introdução aos Sistemas Dinâmicos: Uma Abordagem Prática com Maxima (in Portuguese), by Jaime E. Villate, ISBN 972-99396-0-8, Porto, Portugal, version 1.2, February 27, 2007.

An English translation, Introduction to Dynamical Systems: A Hands-on Approach with Maxima, is being done, but only 43 of the 222 pages have been translated.

The latest source code for the book and the translations can be obtained from: http://fisica.fe.up.pt/maxima/book/